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WALNUTS the movie is a darkly comedic look at family, friendship, and the extreme places one may go to find what they're looking for. 

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Please consider becoming a Monthly Contributor 

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Making an independent film like WALNUTS is no easy task, and often requires more time to complete. By making a monthly contribution you'll be making the process of completing the film more secure with continual assistance we can count on. *You control the amount and can easily CANCEL anytime!

WALNUTS the movie is a communally generated film currently in Post-Production. Shooting wrapped in West Virginia in June 2017. Thanks to a dedicated ensemble cast and crew, along with friends and family, who selflessly banded together, we were able to bring this little film with big ideas to life. With an aggressive shooting schedule, filming was focused on collaboration while maintaining creative energy and output, over getting bogged down by ineffectual distractions. Moment to moment we invented together and trusted instincts, both in-front-of and behind the camera.

The experience went above and beyond all expectation. 

We're eternally grateful to everyone involved in filming, especially those who generously contributed to our initial campaign, and got us to this point. Now we

need to gather more funders like you, compelled to join the #WalnutsFamily, to help

bring this uniquely-entertaining vision across the finish line.

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