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Jonas pursues an acting career post UCLA - writes an incomplete absurdist play called Macadamia - an expansion of the writing style he developed in Piso

1999 - 2004

Piso performs a myriad of shows around LA to their loyal fanbase - Records a CD of sketches - Disbands

From the UCLA Shakespeare Reading & Performance Group an offshoot Sketch Comedy troupe forms - Piso Mojado - First show  "Lemon Scent" at the Rose Theater



Catches his first big break in The Killing of John Lennon 

Piso rejoins for a show in NYC at the behest of co-founding member minwin

The Piso Family Christmas Dinner


SEPT 7, 2015

1st Official Read with 90% of written-for-cast present - 152 page draft, still entitled Piso Living (or Young Buns II)

A 240 page mess of ideas, called Piso Living (or Young Buns II), emerges with no ending - Piso sits down to read it for fun


Sparked by the event Jonas leaves inspired to write a script around his Piso tribe, using their voices and stream of conscious writing style he developed in the group

DEC 20, 2013

JAN 16, 2016

TEAM WALNUTS is official - minwin joins Sarah and Jonas to begin developing content for a website, and YouTube Video Series in preparation for a Fundraising Campaign!

Around this time...

Sarah suggests "WALNUTS" as the new title to better fit Jonas' unconventional, heartily absurdist script reminiscent of his Macadamia play  "WALNUTS the movie it is!"

MARCH 17, 2016

WALNUTS the movie INDIEGOGO Campaign launches - Jeremy-David Ball makes the introductions

For 2 months TEAM WALNUTS produce and release a mockumentary style Campaign Series via YouTube to support the INIEGOGO Campaign in hopes to entertain offer a taste of what's to come

INDIEGOGO Campaign officially comes to an end - WALNUTS the movie made 19% of its intended Goal

With one critical role yet to cast TEAM WALNUTS receives online submissions from all over - Mark Duke Dalton stands out among the many

MAY 16, 2016

JUNE 4, 2016

Callbacks are held in LA - Mark Dalton flies himself in from Texas to read for the role of Wayne Whiskey - However, no final decision was made on casting the role

JUNE 26, 2016

WALNUTS live Fundraising Event

JULY 2016 - FEB 2017

Without enough $$$ in the budget to shoot THE WALNUTS TEAM decide to take a break, regroup, and reanalyze what needs to be done

MARCH 2017

Still without a Wayne Whiskey and realistic budget in place TEAM WALNUTS decides to press forward and trust that either the money will come... or they'll make it work with what they have - Either way they start preparing to shoot in West Virginia in June

Jay Seals introduces WALNUTS to Craig Blair, who generously offers help with pre-production  

APRIL - MAY 2017 


MARK DUKE DALTON COMES BACK INTO FOCUS thanks to Heidi James (Dixie Whiskey) - Jonas & Duke reunite - TEAM WALNUTS offers Duke the role a week later

APRIL 6, 2017

Essential cast members suddenly start dropping out of the project - mad hustle to replace these very specific roles - with the help of Jay Seals, Craig Blair, and former cast new additions to WALNUTS are found 

FINAL READ THROUGH (139 page Shooting Script)

APRIL 30, 2017

Locked down shooting dates / Bought plane tickets

MAY 2017

Rehearsals and wardrobe with actors

An Angel steps out of the shadows and vastly improves the shooting budget



Back to LA

Raise money for Post-Production


PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

With the 15K originally raised through our INDIEGOGO  Campaign, and the additional 25K we were able to raise to get the film shot, we captured footage we're very proud of. With an initial estimated budget of 60-80K to finish the film, we still have money to raise to meet our Post Production costs. Asking for money isn't easy, but we stay focused on finishing the film, and confident that our goal and vision for this film and it's participants  will be met with the resources necessary to complete the film. 

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